meridian and the 7 kingdoms

Meridian and the 7 kingdoms.

Meridian, the world between the 7 heavens and the 7 hells, a world that has been shaped by magic and war, dragon vs dragon, good vs evil, man vs man, man vs elf, elf vs dwarf and all things in between.
The last 1000 years, after the great war of good and evil, have been relative peacefully.
A 1000 years with few wars and unrest, though no world is without its crawels.
Its been a millennium of heroes of dungeon raiding, pirate hunters, demigod slayers and lawmen.
Though in the last 10 years evil has ones again taken a foot hold in meridian the ones rich hunting grounds of the hinterlands has partly turned in to a plain of evil and bloods rituals, The Blood Plains and the 3 angry brothers are again brewing and corrupting its surroundings with all things evil.

The ice-people and sand-people have retreated to the core of there lands, dragons both good and evil have been spotted the kingdoms west and north borders are being raided and tested more and more by orcs, trolls and a number of evil things, the dwarfs are having more and more trouble in suppressing the the goblings and the elfs have experienced attacks from drows, a race that have not been seen and was believed wiped out in the last great war.

The legendary magetower of Realdin reports more and more magic in Meridian, a magic that has been controlled and governed from the tower but is getting so big that they are struggling to maintain control, of conventional magic its use, items and new magic users. Its as if magic is being prompt in to meridian from the 7 heavens and 7 hells. the renegade and natural magic that the conventional mages have a hard time controlling and understanding is also raising or that is what they are reporting anyway.

This is the world that you have grown up in.

a world of magic, small skirmishes, dungeon crawling, the perceptual hunt for riches and power and histories of great wars, great dragons and great heroes.

meridian and the 7 kingdoms

meridian and the 7 kingdoms arkthelion